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Real Estate 4-Years Continuing Education

DRE Sponsor #0808. The following is applicable as of 1/1/(current year) to all continuing education offerings shown below:
Real Estate Continuing Education Package offers only the complete 48-Hour requirements even when exceeding the number of hours. Package provides all written courses, textbooks, instructions necessary to obtain applicable registration required of renewing salesperson licensees by the DRE. Attention: starting in 2016 brokers AND salespersons need take besides the 45-hours license renewal course-package an additional 3-hours course named "Broker Management and Supervision of Salespersons." Once you order your 45-hours package, American Schools will instruct you how to obtain also this newly required 3-hours course at no additional cost to you. Courses may be ordered also individually. Passing grade is 70% correct answers on multiple-choice questions, OPEN-BOOK, written final exam taken at our location, with a school appointed monitor in your area or ONLINE. Correspondence courses open-book final exams need be taken in the presence of a school-designated monitor. Warranty: pass the first final examination or take a second, different final exam at no additional charge. The California Department Of Real Estate also requires educational providers
present students prior to their registration/enrollment
with a General Information Page regarding ordered courses.
You may read such by clicking on the following link: General Information Page

For the continuing education final exams, the DRE allows 1 minute for a continuing-education, multiple-choice question to be answered. The final exam for: Fair Housing has 30 multiple-choice (m-c) questions; Trust Funds Handling, 30 m-c; Agency, 30 m-c; Ethics, 30 m-c; ; Risk Management, 30 m-c; the Consummer Protection Courses: Home Inspection (Textbook included: The Complete Book of Home Inspection by Norman Becker, P.E. 4th Edition, 2011 by McGraw-Hill, New York.) 50 m-c, Escrow, 50 m-c, Earthquake Preparedness, 30 m-c. The DRE requires that any final exams taken within a 24-hours period cover no more than 15 clock-hours of course-instruction! As of 1/1/(current year) minimum completion time: 7 days of study, 4 days of finals for the 45-hour package. Maximum: one year.

Completing the ONLINE course package requires one or several passwords which will be issued to the student after ordering. Beside the hardcopy textbooks sent, the ONLINE Course Package allows also reading certain textbooks materials on a computer screen. Helpful Hint-buttons are offered to find the reading material pertaining to the assignments quizz-questions.

If interested to get an idea as to how an assignment quiz of the ONLINE course works, click on the SAMPLE REAL ESTATE EXAMINATION on the TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE (bottom.) None of the questions in the assignments or finals repeat. These courses have to be completed within one year from registration. For the correspondence course, corrected assignments are returned only after all the assignments in the package are turned in. No expiration time reminder is being sent and no extensions are granted.

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- 45+3 - Hours Salesperson / Broker Renewal

By Correspondence or ONLINE

Catalog #6-11

- R. E. Continuing Education Courses Bought Separately

By Correspondence or ONLINE

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