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Cancellation, Refund and Privacy Policy


Student may cancel this contract for school, without any penalty or obligation other than the shipping charge, WITHIN THE INITIAL CANCELLATION PERIOD WHICH IS NO LATER THAN the midnight of the 8th business day  after the materials delivery (by delivery service or in person.) If student cancels, any payment student  made and any negotiable instrument signed by student shall be returned to student within 30 days following the school’s receipt of student’s cancellation notice. (Credit card refunds may  exceed 30 days to appear on monthly statement.) From this refund a further registration fee of $49 will be deducted if cancellation is requested beyond the initial  8th-business-day-cancellation period ($15 for ONLINE or for under $100 course-packages.) Student must return any and all materials in a resale condition within 10 days of the date student signed a cancellation notice or the school may keep an amount, out of what student paid, that equals the cost of the materials ($50). The school is required to refund any amount over that, as provided above, and student may keep the materials. Cancellation after above period or for a partially completed course, prior to the expiration of the maximum course term: balance of tuition will be returned on a pro-rata basis.  Percentage of course completed for correspondence courses is determined by the number of assignments or lessons mailed by student and received by the school. The refund shall be the amount paid for the course multiplied by the hours or lessons not completed divided by the total number of hours or lessons in the course.  Example: If student on cancellation date has completed only 3 assignments of a $69.50 course containing 15 assignments then student is entitled to a ($69.50 x 12)/15 = $55.60 refund , provided cancellation occurs prior to the 8th business day of study materials receipt by student. Due to credit card rules no refunds for cancellations after 3 months from registration or for tax courses, when tax-year has changed. To cancel the contract for school, mail  (certified),  send a telegram or deliver in person a signed and dated copy of  any cancellation notice, of which student should keep a copy, to: AMERICAN SCHOOLS at  any of the locations shown on the first page of this catalog. The effective day of cancellation is the written date of acknowledgment if done in person or the documented date of its sending by mail. REMEMBER: STUDENT MUST CANCEL IN WRITING! Student does not have the right to cancel by just telephoning the school or by not completing course.   The school will also refund money collected for sending to a third party on the student’s behalf such as license or application fees. Should the school cancel or discontinue a course or educational program, the school will make a full refund of all charges  within the 30-day refund period. Materials are sent within 7 working days of enrollment or student may cancel for full refund. Beyond the initial 8th business day period there is no refund offered for printed or recorded study materials sold apart from courses. Upon written request, during enrollment period, student is entitled to receive any materials paid for but not received.  Receipt of such shall constitute full settlement of the obligation of this school except for services student is entitled to. Complaints, as to missing materials, made beyond a 30-day period  from order will be disregarded. School assumes no liability for student purchasing wrong course. $15/copy required to search or issue certificate duplicates. All  inquiries as to course content  should be made only in writing. American Schools makes no representations whatsoever as to number or percentage of students completing programs in which they registered, passing rate of state licensure exams,  job placement,  job opportunities or post graduation income levels. Terms as to courses, schedules or prices subject to change without notice.  It is important that student keep copies of the enrollment agreement, financial aid papers, receipts or any other information that documents the monies paid to the school. The different courses offered by the school are approved, as described in the school catalog.   All representations made above are  part of the Enrollment Agreement found in this catalog.  A CalBRE mandated Disclosure:  Private providers of pre-license statutory real estate courses must obtain course approval from the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE). As part of the approval process, the CalBRE reviews the course materials only. The CalBRE does not qualify the school or course provider. In addition, there is no regulatory oversight of private pre-license course providers who offer courses or programs costing $500 or less. For courses or programs over $500, qualification by the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education is required, in addition to CalBRE course approval. As a result, if a course provider offering a course costing $500 or less fails to deliver the educational course/program as represented, a student’s monetary remedy is to seek redress in Small Claims Court. Students are cautioned to fully understand the education course/program offered by the provider before enrolling or registering. A list of pre-license statutory courses approved by the CalBRE can be found on the CalBRE Web site at www.bre.ca.gov under CalBRE Records.  The California Bureau For Private Postsecondary Education  supervisory State-Mandate does not include private vocational schools like American Schools offering low priced, short courses, approved by other State entities. Questions and correct answers to final exams are not being disclosed.  The institution has met all disclosure requirements under all pertinent California Education Codes (CEC.)  This institution continues to be in compliance with all of the state statutes, rules, and regulations pertaining to a private postsecondary institution in effect. Unless otherwise indicated all correspondence or ONLINE  packages include required textbooks.  


Copyright 1990 by HOME STUDY, Inc.
d.b.a. AMERICAN SCHOOLS, PO Box 5161, Torrance, Ca. 90510, USA.
Phone: 1-800-637-8839, Fax: 310-377-0511, E-mail:americanschools@americanschoolsonline.com.
Revision 1/1/2015


PRIVACY POLICY: 1) Upon placing an order and becoming an American Schools student, American Schools collects from the student information as to identity, location and means of contact like phone, fax numbers and e-mail. If applicable, also numbers or ID codes pertinent to the student’s identification as a professional licensed or about to be licensed by a State agency. This information is used only for obtaining payment from the student (through a card authorization service) to properly register the student and, where applicable, to communicate to a State agency completion of the course by the student. All secure information, like credit card data is kept securely in hard copy in the school main office for the limited use and time necessary to complete the transaction. Such is never transmitted anywhere by unsecured, unencrypted e-mail. Notarial Students are not asked at any time for their Social Security Number.

2) No other third parties have access to this information (like the student’s employer or spouse) as the school insist on communicating directly with the registered students. The school has never sold or used mailing lists for promotions, secondary sales, unsolicited mailings or calls, etc.

3) American Schools advertises conspicuously in all materials, at all times, its physical office address, its phone, fax numbers and e-mail address. All contacts initiated by students or the public, if not answered immediately, are replied to, if urgent, within 24 hours. Non-urgent e-mail messages are responded to within a maximum period of 3 business days.

4) American Schools has been offering private postsecondary education for over 30 years. All State approved courses are identified by Approval Number and all State agencies responsible for course or school operation approvals, are so named and referred to in connection with the presentation of the different courses or in the refund policy statement.

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Cancellation, Refund and Privacy Policy

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