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Real Estate Broker Statutory Courses

May enroll in all courses at one time. Statutory courses may not be used for the 4-year Real Estate Continuing Education requirement.

The California Bureau Of Real Estate requires educational providers present students prior to their registration/enrollment with a General Information Page regarding ordered courses. You may read such by clicking on the following link: CalBRE Statutory Courses General Information Page.

CalBRE prerequisites
for taking the State Real Estate Broker Licensing Examination: age 18 or older, either a four years college degree in most majors or 2 years work experience, within last 5 years, as a real estate salesperson licensee, and passing eight statutory courses. Starting 1/1/2013, applicants for the broker exam, using the 4-years college degree to qualify for the exam, in lieu of the 2 years experience, have to show that the 4-year college degree included a major or a minor in real estate! All statutory CORRESPONDENCE or ONLINE courses include comprehensive textbooks, 15 assignments of 10 multiple-choice questions each. Passing grade, based on final only: 70% correct answers or more on OPEN-BOOK, 100 multiple-choice questions, written, final exam. The time allowed to take the final examination is 2Ĺ hours per course. Completion time: From a minimum time of 18 days (2 1/2 weeks) per course from date of receipt of first assignment by school to a maximum of one year from registration. Course must be completed within one year of registration. One free re-examination allowed per course. No time expiration reminders are sent and no extensions granted. Real Estate Principles may not be included in Packages of less than 4 Statutory Courses. All Packages of 4 Statutory Courses or more include the 1500 Questions and Answers. Private providers of pre-license statutory real estate courses must obtain course approval from the California Bureau of Real Estate (CalBRE). As part of the approval process, the CalBRE reviews the course materials only. The CalBRE does not qualify the school or course provider. If a course provider offering a course costing $2500 or less fails to deliver the educational course/program as represented, a studentís monetary remedy is to seek redress in Small Claims Court. Students are cautioned to fully understand the education course/program offered by the provider before enrolling or registering. A list of pre-license statutory courses approved by the CalBRE can be found on the CalBRE Web site at www.calbre.ca.gov under CalBRE Records.

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*The 1,500 Questions & Answers (not a prerequisite to take the California State licensing exam) are made available to the student by American Schools in an attempt to enhance the studentís chances at passing the state real estate licensing examination on the first try. There is no guaranty students will pass the State exam.

**Courses marked with double asterisks (**) are mandatory for admission to the State real estate broker examination!

Real Estate Broker Statutory Courses - by Correspondence

Real Estate Broker Statutory Courses - ONLINE

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