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Catalog #39a
- 6-Hours Notarial Education Correspondence Course

P. O. Box 5161, Torrance, Ca. 90510, USA; Phone: 310-378-1341; Fax: 310-377-0511.
E-mail: americanschools@americanschoolsonline.com
California Secretary of State Education Vendor No. 601365.
Secretary of State web site: http://notaryeducation.ss.ca.gov/

so as to be admitted to the California Secretary of State Notary exam.

Attention: Before placing the order click here to download, print, complete, sign and send by fax or mail the Declaration of Identification. Your order is not complete and you will not be considered as registered, without the school having received this Declaration of Identification and the required photo ID photocopy!

Complete your course by Correspondence! Classroom study takes much longer. The course consist of studying a 75-page Textbook containing the Lesson Plan, completion of 2 Assignments of 10 multiple-choice questions each and an open-book final of 40 multiple-choice questions. 70%+ correct answers required overall to pass (42 correct answers!) Click HERE to see Course Syllabus! For the correspondence course, the final may be taken on the school premises or the student may use a monitor request form to inform the school to designate a professional person in the studentís area to supervise the examination. Students who fail after the first final examination will be offered, at no additional charge, a second different final examination. Students who fail passing the course after taking the second final have to repurchase the course without the textbooks, provided no new edition of the textbook(s) has appeared in the meantime. All questions have "Hint"-references indicating what section to study to find the correct answer. Maximum completion time: one year from registration. No expiration time reminders are sent or extensions granted. GUARANTEE: Pass our course on first try or receive one FREE opportunity to retake a different final. All students completing the course are sent a Completion Certificate. This certificate is valid for two (2) years from the date of issuance. It has to be sent together with the Notary Public Application when submitted to the Secretary of State. Education Vendor No. 601365. American Schools will ask you provide photo ID photocopy and sign under penalty of perjury the Declaration of Identification before being registered.

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6-Hours Notarial Education Correspondence Course

#39 By Mail - $39.75
#39c Optional: Mail also a Hardcopy Textbook (Sales Tax included) - $27.25

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Notary Public Education (6- or 3-Hours)

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