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(Occupational Title Code: 186.117-058)

Please select one of the two, 3-course packages (A or B) presented below!

For Statutory Courses sold separately: Select: "Real Estate Courses" and then "Real Estate Broker Courses!"

All described courses have been approved by the Bureau of Real Estate. (CalBRE website: http://www.calbre.ca.gov/)

Attention, new law AB 2429! Original salesperson examination applications will be required to include evidence of completion of all THREE required courses before being scheduled for a salesperson State real estate examination. All 3-course packages have to include Real Estate Principles Real Estate Practice plus one other elective statutory course. Optional: Packages A & B offer the 1,500 Questions and Answers Real Estate STATE Exam Preparation***.

To be admitted to the State of California real estate salesperson licensing examination, you must be at least 18 years old and must be enrolled in (not necessarily have completed) three CalBRE approved, Real Estate statutory courses of which Real Estate Principles and Real Estate Practice are mandatory. Guarantee: Pass on first try any of our statutory courses, open-book, final exam and get the completion certificate or one FREE opportunity to redo the course.

Per California Bureau of Real Estate regulation, each one of the CORRESPONDENCE or ONLINE courses may be completed from a minimum time period of 18 days from date of receipt by school of first assignment, to a maximum period of one year from registration for any ordered multiple-course package. Courses may not be completed all within the same 18 days period. The minimum time necessary to complete 3 courses is therefore 54 days. Each course consists of 15 assignments of 10 multiple-choice questions each. 70% correct answers necessary to pass OPEN-BOOK, 100 multiple-choice questions, written final exam. The time allowed to take the final examination is 2Ĺ hours per course. All reading material is also ONLINE for the ONLINE Principles Course.

***The 1,500 Questions & Answers (not a requirement to take the California State licensing exam) are made available to the student by American Schools in an attempt to enhance the studentís chances at passing the state real estate licensing examination on the first try.

Click on any of the Course Packages Titles in order to proceed.

Package A

- By Mail: Principles, Practice, 1 Statutory Course, 1500QA

Package A Price: $219.00

Package B

Principles, Practice, 1 Statutory Course, 1500QA

Package B Price: $188.50

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