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24 Contractor Trades Study Materials

(Occupational Title Code: 182.167-010 & related codes)

All study materials include State Exam Application materials. The Law Part includes: The Contractors License Law and Reference Book, California Contractors License Law Examination, 600 Sample Questions and Answers, Federal and Cal. OSHA. The Trade Part includes: Trade Textbook(s), Trade(s) Sample Exams (200-300 Q&A / Trade. General Contractor B includes Residential Construction plus 3 Trades:
Electrical: C-10, Plumbing: C-36, Earthwork & Paving: C-12. Also included are: Radon & Asbestos, Blueprint Reading, Cost Estimating & Bill Itemizing study materials.

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you do not pass the California Contractors License State Exam after retaking it, your money will be returned on the part you did not pass provided you return our materials in resalable condition along with the original failure notices. Except for above guarantee, no refunds beyond the 8th day of material shipping for returned study materials. State Licensed Contractor examination requirements: Four years work experience (including self-employment) at a journeyman’s level or better. A minimum of $2,500 net worth and a $7,500 bond are required after passing the state examination. The internet site for the Contractors State License Board in California is at: http://www.cslb.ca.gov/ .

Any Contractor Trade AND Contractor Law

Any Contractor Trade Alone or Contractor Law Only

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24 Contractor Trades Study Materials

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